Meet Women in the Daytime
with Steve Wolf's Direct Guidance

Action Calls are infield phone coaching.  A highly effective form of coaching I developed while traveling and NYC clients still needed my help.

You go out infield on your own, with headphones that have a mic built-in.  And we do the session as a phone call.  

This way you get the benefits of a professional coach (accountability, feedback, push your limits) while performing daygame how it’s ideally done – on your own.

Action Calls Are the Most Affordable Daygame Coaching

Go out anywhere – and have Steve Wolf guiding you over the phone

What is an Action Call Session Like?

You go out to any busy public location you want, and the entire session takes place over the phone while you start conversations and flirt with the attractive women you see.

I’m there to get you motivated, hold you accountable, and provide feedback on your conversations.

The entire session is focused on you flirting with women.

Action Calls are the most efficient way to start meeting women with the help of a professional coach.

After each session, I create a custom “Homework” Action Plan, based on the specific areas I feel you’ll benefit the most from.

Ready for an Action Call?

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